ePixl LLC - Intentionally inclusive and intense game design

Intentionally inclusive game design
One of the primary considerations in every game designed by ePixl is that we want to make each game enjoyable for as many people as possible, especially those folks who are not currently being considered by many game companies.

For example, in our first game, TURVY®, we designed the cards so that they would be easier to use and enjoy for both left-handed and color vision deficient (colorblind) players. These are two groups of players that have pretty much been ignored by many of today's board and card game companies.

We include our "Colorblind Friendly" and "Left Hand Friendly" logos on our games to display our committment to being intentionally inclusive (see the logos below to the right of the TURVY® logo).

Intentionally intense game design
It is difficult for board and card games to compete with the incredible mobile devices available today. Throughout the day, many folks are now looking at and talking to their phones more than other people!

Our intention is to develop board and card games like TURVY®, that are so fast-paced, engaging, and intense... That perhaps people will put down their phones for a while, play a game, and enjoy the company of the people they are actually with.